Saturday, February 09, 2013

Architecture of "Auntie Mame" [1958]

The interiors of Mame's duplex apartment at 3 Beekman Place are redecorated 6 times over the course of the movie, supposedly a 9-year period beginning in 1928, but perhaps more closely reflecting the mid-century period in which the book on which it's based was written. As a metaphor for self-reinvention, the sets are the material demonstration that worldliness & glamour might serve as a heady rebuke to the stuffy conformity of postwar middle-America. Of course, the freedom provided by a huge amount of money certainly doesn't hurt. 

Production Design & Art Direction by Malcolm C. Bert

Chinois Nouveau

Powdered Art Deco

Hollywood Regency

Haute Americana

Dali-esque Danish Modern

Tantric Eurasian

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