Sunday, October 28, 2012

Architecture of: "20 Million Miles to Earth" [1957]

Rome and a monster. Brought to us by Ray Harryhausen, the stop-action artist who brought us King Kong, (with the help of a few centuries of the Roman Empire). 

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MrDark said...

Love your overview of Architectural elements in films. Fascinating angle, long overdue. I have been going through your posts one by one. Hoping to find if you did any coverage of the "Van Damm" Mountain spy retreat from "North By Northwest"
Although almost all of it's exterior is a series of beautiful Matte shots by Matthew Yuricich, It's interior is a marvelous set piece built to Hitchcocks specifications, with elements of fifties modern and Brutalist architecture.
(PS, Ray Harryhausen did not get to work on the 1933 "King Kong", although that was the movie that inspired him to buy a 16MM camera as a youth and learn the techniques of figure animation. Willis H. O'Brien animated "King Kong". Years later Ray Harryhausen did get to work as an assistant with his hero O'Brien on the film "Mighty Joe Young".)