Saturday, September 15, 2012

Architecture of: "Dark Passage" [1947]

The picturesque streets of San Francisco, with dramatic views to the Golden Gate Bridge, some nice modernist details, a lovely art-deco-inspired apartment building, (even including some gaudy interior features), and some minor, middle-distance shots showing lonely, many-windowed buildings in the background. While the buildings are hardly notable by themselves, the cranked and crooked exterior viewpoints combined with the safe and homey domestic interiors serve to make palpable for the viewer the Architecture of a.... Dark Passage.

San Quentin

The Golden Gate bridge

Toll booth

Elevator with metal filligre walls

Sandblasted glass with ocean motif

Corbusian piano-shaped wall/ceiling

Modern armoire with oversized floral handles

The architecture of .... Agnes Moorehead..

Elevator in a glass-block shaft

Bar cabinet

Crazy modern lamp with silly frilly lampshade


"Harry's Wagon"

There goes Agnes

Hills of San Francisco

Union Square

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