Saturday, June 02, 2012

Architecture of: "Alice" [1990]

Woody Allen's Alice features over-the-top, retro-Deco, luxury interiors in the title character's Upper East Side apartment, wiht a central hallway larger than some one-bedroom apartments I know, wonderful beige, off-white and cream finishes that only a full staff of cleaning ladies could maintain, rooms and rooms of furniture and tons of incandescent lighting on dimmers. Scroll down for high-powered offices, drop-dead shopping and more scenery of the rarified lives of the very rich.

 "It's a fin-de-siecle eel trap. It's a steal at 9000!"

 William Wagenfeld's 1924 Bauhaus table lamp at center -

Silver leaf wall & cabinet finish in the bar -

Park Avenue lobby -

 Blythe Danner's character lives in a typical Upper West Side place - homey by comparison:
books, mismatched furniture, a piano that looks like someone actually plays it, etc..

 Joe Mantegna's sax-playing character no doubt lives in the village -
 William Hurt's million dollar law office -

 The Chinese herbalist's interiors are also a nod to 1940's Hollywood depictions of Chinatown.

 Judy Davis's advertising mogul character works at an enormous 1970's onyx-topped table with oversized polished chrome column legs, and a glss-shaded table lamp I've been searching fro since I first saw this film in the theatre. (on the screens: a Phil Collins video?)

 At Judy Davis's shrink's office - Noguchi 1951 "Akari" paper floor lamp at center, Le Corbusier LC2 Petit Modele leather armchair at right, Stelton chrome carafe at left -
Cybill Shepherd's TV producer charater's very high powered office is straight, late 1980's (except for another fantastic 1970's [Italian?] glass table lamp): blocky desk, black-leather upholstered seating, mirrored wall panels, and plenty of chrome.

 Barbetta Restaurant, W. 46th Street -

 Nursery school in a mansion -

 Hair salon -
 Shopping at Valentino -

 Shopping at Ralph Lauren's in the Rhinelander Mansion -

 Dog salon -

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